2017 Utility Models

Electric-Powered Coconut Dehydrator

Publication #: PH 2/2017/000109

The electric-powered coconut dehydrator is responsible of removing the moisture content of coconut meat in a controlled manner comprising a drying chamber having inner and outer walls, a tray rack for supporting a plurality of horizontal drying trays, and a door provided with a viewing glass at its center for monitoring the conditions inside said chamber during operation; a heating element installed at both sides of the drying chamber for providing the heat during the drying operation; a temperature control system consisting of a thermostat connected in series with the heating element for regulating the heat inside the drying chamber, a plurality of blowers installed at both sides of the chamber for circulating the air inside the drying chamber, and a bi-metallic thermometer installed at the top center portion of the viewing glass for indicating the temperature, said temperature control system having three switches connected in series for the power supply, heater and blower; and an exhaust air duct consisting of a plurality of holes drilled at the rear wall of the drying chamber serving as the outlet of cooled air and guiding the flow of exhaust air into one direction.


OLMO, Arlyn C. : Capiz State University, Barangay Burias Mambusao Capiz 5807 PH

CASAINO, Karen N. : Capiz State University, Barangay Burias Mambusao Capiz 5807 PH

Toroidal Core Welding Machine

Publication #: PH 2/2017/050240

The toroidal core welding machine comprising: a support frame in L-shape form; a cylinder silicon steel mounted on the support frame coiled with magnetic wires serving as the primary and secondary winding, said primary and secondary coils being insulated from one another; and a housing mounted on the support frame adjacent to the cylinder having an electronic components comprising a positive terminal, a rotary switch, a ground terminal, a red light, a green light and a disconnect switch, characterized in that said electronic components in said housing is in communication with a magnetic contactor that serve as safety switch to assure that a transformer being insulated from one another to prevent shocks to a user.


OCCEÑO, Kenneth G. : Barangay Milibili Roxas City Capiz PH

CHARLON, Raymond C. : ROXAS ST. Calinog Iloilo PH

FRANCISCO, Rolando R. : LAWAAN Roxas City Capiz PH